First Stitch

Sunday- Chain Two

Currently working on a rather large project, simple shell stitch (sc, dc, dc, skip). A commissioned Queen size blanket in the New Orleans Saints colors. The client wants it half black & half old gold; using Caron One Pound in Black & in Lace, trimmed in white. I am 2 skeins in as I stopped 5 skeins in when I first started it in the basket weave stitch, a few months ago, 🙄 it was getting too bulky n working in solid black can be very difficult on the old eyes. I stopped and started over with fresh skeins, as I have a bin full of yarn for this project. Changing the stitch I am moving along at a much quicker pace now, not missing stitches as much as I was in the basket weave. That stitch I was frogging a lot!

I’m working on this in the evenings after my full time job n on weekends between this n that. Hoping to get this finished within the next 2 months or so; my client is a gem and extremely patient.

Basket Weave Blanket

Photo above of a basket weave blanket I did for my brother and my sister in law. This one was done in Bernat blanket with a L hook; big stitches really go quick, even then I had to frog some rows when I missed a count. 🙄

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