Stitch Two – Exploring the Past

Recently my hubby Larry & I helped a long time friend and his family cleanup n pack up his Mom’s home. His dear Mom is dealing with Alzheimer’s and she has been placed in Assisted Living after the sudden passing of her beloved husband of 60 years.

While cleaning up & clearing out I asked for this beautiful vintage Afghan we believe she made. It needs repairs, the sewing of the granny squares have worn over the years and have unraveled.

The squares are approximately 3×3, in a traditional tight granny stitch; she kept the tension tight n most likely used a small hook. This afghan for its size has some real weight to it.

My greatest challenge besides re-sewing the unraveled square joins is completely replacing a square all together. Plus matching the vintage neon color. My best guess that the yarn she used was Red Heart. But I have to remove several squares to get to it, of course it’s smack in the middle of the row! I’m going to try to remove the damaged square without disturbing the others, then replicate the torn one.

First I will re-sew the unraveled squares then tackle this lone green square. I will repost when I’m done with it. Wish me luck šŸ€.

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