Cozy Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Hey everyone Happy Spring! it’s been over a month since I written, I was busy crocheting of course! Plus what I was crocheting are gifts so I can’t share them at this time. But I thought I would share this cozy afghan I made last September while I was home on disability.

The yarn is Stitch Studio, by Nicole Chateau from A.C. Moore, their blanket yarn. I found several skeins on clearance last summer; discontinued color. I knew something wonderful could come of it. But I needed a few more than I found, so my dear hubby schlepped me to another A.C. Moore and I found a few more.

Fast forward to September n while looking over Afghan patterns I found this great stitch n I knew this was the one for this yarn.

In the beginning

The pattern is from & is called The Wavy Ridge Crochet Blanket; it called for their Bernat blanket yarn which is very similar (better quality) to ACM’s but ACM’s has more yardage n I wanted this to be a bit longer n wider than the pattern called for. I used a 8.0 mm hook n 8.5 skeins of yarn. Plus of course I had the yarn n it was on clearance, so case settled.

The finished afghan here is 6 feet in length n a generous width.

I love the reverse sc for afghan trim

I don’t know why I was attracted to this yarn, I looked at it several times n the day I bought it was at least the 4th time I laid eyes on it. Only recently it occurred to me that the colors reminded me of orange cream soda or a creamsicle ice cream bar. When my hubby first had the nerve to approach me at a camping weekend with friends some 17 years ago he offered me a Stewart’s orange cream soda, so the romance began. Everything has a story. Peace!

Kellykat approves

3 thoughts on “Cozy Thoughts on a Rainy Day

  1. has it been 17 years now that Larry approached you? Wow, how time flies! I wish I remembered how to crochet. My grandmother had taught me basics when I was very young but never stayed with it. You do great work. 🙂

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    1. Yep 2002 @ a camping trip. I don’t really get back to him till the following year, my Mom was terminal n I was taking care of her; I thought he was weird n cute. He made me laugh n he was n is so kind.


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