First Stitch

Monday- Chain Three

Back to work today on an extremely windy late February morning; I had the opportunity to finally use my work shawl. This shawl I made especially to throw over my shoulders & arms when I felt chilly but not chilly enough for the company zip fleece my employers gave us one year to wear when people complained of it being too cold in the winter or too cold in the summer in our offices. 🙄 Believe me you could feel March coming in like a Lion today!

The shawl is based on a scarf pattern I got at Michael’s a few years back, a freebie that was set along side the Caron cakes yarns display. I have made many scarves for friends, family n coworkers; so I thought making the base chain longer n the adding so many rows to cover the expanse of myself it would work. I was inspired by Red Heart’s Ombré yarn in Spearmint. I love the beauty of the subtle fading in n out of the greens in this yarn. Though I’m not a big fan of Red Heart ( the quality is not what it use to be, some 30+ years ago ) I really needed to try this yarn out.

I ended up using 4 skeins and a H hook, it came out nice. Though hubby thought it was a tad short, not covering my back n a bit long for the arms. So I went along the side in its length in the same stitch to compensate for the lack of depth. Had this been a commissioned piece I would have frogged it, but it was made for me & made to be used at work so frogging was out of the question! 😜

It serves it purpose, it’s cozy & warm and now I know not to make it so long and to make it deeper next time. I have some neutral cream color Caron cakes waiting for the next one! 😉

First Stitch

Sunday- Chain Two

Currently working on a rather large project, simple shell stitch (sc, dc, dc, skip). A commissioned Queen size blanket in the New Orleans Saints colors. The client wants it half black & half old gold; using Caron One Pound in Black & in Lace, trimmed in white. I am 2 skeins in as I stopped 5 skeins in when I first started it in the basket weave stitch, a few months ago, 🙄 it was getting too bulky n working in solid black can be very difficult on the old eyes. I stopped and started over with fresh skeins, as I have a bin full of yarn for this project. Changing the stitch I am moving along at a much quicker pace now, not missing stitches as much as I was in the basket weave. That stitch I was frogging a lot!

I’m working on this in the evenings after my full time job n on weekends between this n that. Hoping to get this finished within the next 2 months or so; my client is a gem and extremely patient.

Basket Weave Blanket

Photo above of a basket weave blanket I did for my brother and my sister in law. This one was done in Bernat blanket with a L hook; big stitches really go quick, even then I had to frog some rows when I missed a count. 🙄